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David and Wendy

Hypnos Healing

What is holding you back?

We have over 30 years’ experience in helping people to achieve their goals and usually this means overcoming subconscious fears no matter how these fears show themselves.

It could be that you eat too much, smoke or drink too much. It could be that you lack self esteem and confidence so you please others instead of being your true self. It could be that something made you feel a failure so you can never make a success of yourself. All these issues and more can be resolved in a gentle caring way.

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Everyone is individual and our way of working respects and honours this principle. When you call on us for help, we enter a partnership to work together to help you to achieve your personal goals, whether this is to improve your physical health; relieve stressful emotional or behavioural problems; or to advance personally and spiritually.

Please note that before coming to us to block pain, your condition should be checked by your medical doctor. Hypnotherapy will help to block the pain, but we suggest that you try some other techniques that have proved successful in relieving the pain naturally first.

We are dedicated professionals who enjoy meeting and working with new clients and students. Treatments may be in person or by phone or internet and include Hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT, Reiki, Theta Healing or Geneline Therapy. A combination of therapies may be used as we dip into our ‘tool box’ as appropriate.

Relationship issues are common. It may be struggling to accept a bereavement or the ending of a relationship. It may be a feeling of being bullied, denigrated or betrayed. Although we cannot 'fix' the relationship and make it everything you would like it to be, we can help you to see how you are contributing to the problem and why.
When you have this new perception, we can use hypnotherapy to make you stronger with more self esteem and more self confidence to do whatever you need to do to make things better. This may mean finishing a relationship or putting it on a different footing. Only you decide as you understand the situation more clearly and become more empowered.
Excessively jealous partners often have an issue of abandonment in their past and so they are subconsciously afraid of losing their wife or girlfriend. An emotional issue can often be traced back to a past event or trauma.

When you go on a diet the subconscious mind goes into panic‐ ˝we are in a famine, I must lay down the fat! Whenever food is available I must eat to survive!˝

It is very tempting to eat more than we need and more and more people are becoming obese. Comfort eating is also common. Even if you know that chocolate, crisps, cakes, biscuits and other fattening foods are not good for you, it’s difficult to resist when you are feeling low and in need of some comfort.

In our weight loss programme, we start by discussing your current food choices and eating habits. Together we decide on your best options, food to buy, to prepare, when to eat etc and preferred exercise and build this into our hypnotherapy session. Any foods that you find addictive, we can use techniques to reduce their appeal. To avoid the subconscious diet scare, in hypnosis we emphasise healthy eating and good eating habits. We encourage you to value and take good care of your body.

More serious eating disorders have many underlying issues to resolve and we may need to look at how you were treated as a child to understand them.

We offer a one stop, quit smoking session that lasts between two and a half to three hours. It incorporates a discussion on health issues, toxins in tobacco smoke, the pathway to illness and disease, NLP techniques, Aversion Therapy and Hypnotherapy with NLP. It's normally best to attend during the morning after having your last cigarette the night before.

In Past Life Regression you are taken into a past life by deep relaxation or hypnosis to experience it for yourself. We explain the possibilities that might be found in this session and ensure that all safeguards are in place before you go into hypnosis. With the light of the information revealed in the session, we help you to understand the relevance of the past life or lives to you today. We also heal significant past life events and release any issues found like guilt, trauma and soul contracts.

Normally one or possibly two past lives are uncovered in one session. A recording is made and sent to you on CD or by email. If you are stressed or particularly nervous, it is recommended that you purchase our anxiety and stress CD, or be prepared to come for an additional session to learn to relax more deeply.

If you don't want to experience a past life for yourself, perhaps because you believe something traumatic happened, you can still learn about the past without being regressed. This involves a Past Life Reading which will reveal several past lives relevant to current life issues. After discussion, we heal the trauma and issues found. Using this therapy many more past lives can rapidly be found, verified and resolved.

Pain is a message from the body that something is wrong and needs attention. It is also a warning not to injure the body any further. It is important to listen to this message and rest when the pain is recent injury or due to a known cause. Hopefully the pain will cease as the body repairs itself. Medication, therapy or arnica balm may help.
However, chronic or long term pain may be due to on-going physical trauma, illness or disease or a dysfunctional pain system. Instead of the expectation of relief, there is the expectation of continuing pain and discomfort. This in itself causes more distress and pain may become a problem in its own right, spoiling the quality of life and causing depression.
Research suggests that people with pain benefit from exercise, manual therapies, electrophysical agents like TENS, ultrasound and acupuncture and psychological treatments like ours. Hypnotherapy will relax the body and teach pain killing techniques.

Stress is acknowledged as one of the greatest causes of illness so it needs to be kept under control.
Stress may be something that happens when you struggle to cope with a demanding job, bereavement, change of job, house or other life challenges. It may also be internal, for example, demands that you put upon yourself to be perfect, to be the best or to cope in a situation that you think you should endure.
Stress can be relieved by understanding the causes and how the flight and flight reflex is triggered by the autonomous nervous system, whenever the subconscious body mind perceives itself to be in danger. Hypnotherapy and positive suggestions combined with NLP give a boost to confidence levels and feelings of wellbeing, reducing the stress and anxiety.

We offer very fast and effective techniques to reduce or eliminate your fears or phobias. We very frequently work with men, women and children who have irrational fears or all sorts of things including needles, heights, spiders, enclosed spaces, germs and so many more.
We help you understand why your body creates these unwanted feelings and release these feelings naturally and easily. We even show you how to do the technique on your own to empower you if other fears surface.

You are welcome to pay for a treatment with Wendy or David via paypal, click this button to proceed:

Treatments: Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is a natural everyday phenomenon used to communicate with the unconscious and update it, so that your own inner resources can solve your problems. We have two minds, the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. The conscious mind is in control of everyday thinking and actions, like deciding what to buy, what to do next and how to get there.

The subconscious or body mind controls the automatic function of the body, the immune system, self‐healing, the heart rate, the filing of information in the mind and much more. The conscious mind only works when we are awake but the subconscious mind functions even when we are asleep, sometimes giving us dreams as it sorts information or tries to alert us. Hypnosis is deep relaxation that connects with the subconscious mind.

Hypnotherapy is much more than Hypnosis, but what is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a relaxed, dreamy drowsy state of mind, like when you just wake up, or like daydreaming in a warm bath. The normal conscious brainwave is called Beta. This is when you are thinking or talking about everyday matters. When you go into meditation or Hypnosis, you slip into a deeper level of brainwaves called Alpha. The Theta brainwave state is equivalent to a light sleep. Delta is when you are in a deep sleep.

What Happens in a session of Hypnotherapy?

During a session of Hypnotherapy, we talk about your issues or feelings and work together to trace them to their origins. Often we can find new understanding of an unhappy event, which enables you to move on in your life without feeling upset, fearful or panicky. Hypnotherapy is a great resource so I help you to learn self‐hypnosis so that you can also practice it at home. We aim to provide you with much more knowledge about yourself and the world, with techniques for self‐empowerment and relaxation.

What are the benefits of Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy reduces stress levels; lowers blood pressure; steadies the heart rate; gives greater relaxation and allows self healing for the body.
Our subconscious mind holds all of our experiences and memories. This is so that we can learn from experiences and stay safe. The experiences and information gathered in our past creates our expectations, beliefs and behaviour patterns- positive or negative, helpful or unhelpful. For example if you have had a difficult childhood with uncaring parents, you may feel that you are unlovable and worthless. You may be unable to experience loving relationships because you have never felt this love as a child and don't know how to recognise it. If you have had abuse as a child, you are likely to experience many negative feelings like guilt, anger, shame and hatred. These feelings again will impact upon your future relationships as the negative feelings take control.
From every significant experience our subconscious mind records sounds, tastes, smells, feelings so you may feel stressed in similar situations and fail to understand that your senses have triggered those same feelings. Hypnotherapy allows you to release these harmful emotions. When you go into self‐hypnosis in a hypnotherapy session, you are in touch with your subconscious mind and you can make changes that make your life easier, more pleasant.

Can Hypnotherapy harm me?

It is perfectly safe and very pleasant. Daydreaming or meditation is very similar to what we experience in hypnosis or hypnotherapy. It is a perfectly natural state of mind. All hypnosis is self‐hypnosis as no one can hypnotise you against your will. With my assistance you go into self‐hypnosis and we work together to alter inappropriate and outdated beliefs and behaviour that hold you back. NLP works well with Hypnotherapy for greater effect, reinforcing new feelings, beliefs and behaviour patterns that are positive and life affirming. In hypnosis you are fully aware but deeply relaxed. Even in hypnotherapy, no one can make you do anything you don’t want to do. This is nothing like stage hypnosis, where people act the fool for entertainment purposes. Many people who struggle to meditate find it much easier when they have experienced hypnosis. If you would like to turn your self-hypnosis into meditation just let me know and I will give you all the information and tools you need.

Treatments: Reiki and Seichem Healing

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning 'Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy'. It was rediscovered in the 1800's by Dr Usui of Japan. Since then it has spread in popularity throughout the world. It is not a religion or a cult and there is no necessary belief system, although your beliefs may change when you experience it.

The energy promotes healing, stress management and energy renewal. It also assists with personal and spiritual growth. Ki or chi is the life force energy we all need to live. We experience an exchange of this energy all the time. If someone is angry we may feel the tension. If someone smiles we smile and feel happier. Visiting a poorly person in hospital can make us feel drained. Martial artists focus this energy to increase their power in Aikido or Tai chi. Many ancient healing systems throughout the world work with this energy. Reiki supplements your own ki or life force energy to clear blockages and give your body greater power to heal on a mental, physical or emotional level.


Seichem is a wider more powerful energy system than Reiki. Said to be of Egyptian origin, it incorporates the following rays of healing; Reiki, which is the Earth ray, is experienced as heat or cold. It can benefit physical, mental and emotional conditions and it forms a base through which the other rays can work; Sophiel is water energy and it feels like a gentle pulsing coolness. It helps to heal deep emotional issues; Angeliclight, which is air and spirit, feels like a cool gentle breeze.

It can facilitate mental healing and establishes a link with the Angelic realms; Sakara, is fire energy and is experienced as an effervescent tingling, or a mild electrical current. It works in the aura, helping to transform blockages.

Experienced healers may feel the different types of energy as outlined above and be able to give you an understanding of what is happening in your body. It is likely that you will just feel very relaxed and peaceful. Reiki and Seichem are very gentle and non invasive. You simply lie on a couch or sit in a chair if preferred, fully clothed. You may be aware that parts of your body feel very hot as the hands rest over them. Many clients drift into a light sleep.

Treatments: Theta Healing

Theta Healing is an extensive system of healing devised by Vianna Stibal. It includes advice on nutrition and supplements, healing and muscle testing to find out the root cause of your symptoms.

What does it do?

We start with an intuitive body scan to source your emotional issues. After a discussion of your problems and the issues found in the body scan, we muscle test for confirmation of subconscious beliefs and feelings. Then we use the theta brainwave state to resolve them.

How does it work?

Theta Healing makes use of the theta brainwave to heal and to intuitively access information from various sources, for example, Angels, Guides, the Higher Self or the Creator of all that Is. With your permission, this brainwave state allows the study of your body mind in order to pick up information about the causes of your pain or issues and this information aids in the understanding of your life. Theta Healing is also an excellent form of healing and it allows us to perceive and remove anything from your aura that does not belong. Theta Healers may work in many different ways.

What is it based on?

It is based upon the teachings and experiences of Vianna Stibal, a natural psychic and healer.

This therapy works very well over the telephone or skype. As a result of teaching Theta Healing and also giving many treatments using these techniques our expectations and style of working has deviated from Vianna's. We have also taken on board much of the work of Sarah James and Val Moore when applying Theta Healing. For emotional and physical issues we use very little of the Theta Healing 'tool kit' as other techniques, especially Geneline Therapy generate much better results from our perspective.

Treatments: Sound Healing

David offers sound healing using weighted tuning forks that allow specified frequencies to ripple within and throughout your body. This allows your body to align at a cellular level enabling internal coherence and harmony, rather than internal conflict and mixed feelings.

Solfeggio frequencies are designed to help balance the energy of your body in order to keep it in perfect harmony.
Allowing the vibrations of these tuning forks to ripple through your body is a profound healing experience. Disharmony or dissonance is gently eased into harmony and coherent resonance. You will find your inner conflicts reduce making way for clear intuition, insight and thought. Inner stress will reduce allowing harmonious physical, mental and emotional healing gently and easily.
My set of Solfeggio tuning forks include:
🎵 174 Hz : dissolves physical and emotional pain
🎵 285 Hz : repairs and enhances your energy fields
🎵 396 Hz : liberates guilt and fear to help you achieve your goals
🎵 417 Hz : helps to deal with change and removes old patterns and habits
🎵 528 Hz : love and DNA repair, believed to bring about miracles
🎵 639 Hz : reconnects you with your spiritual family and enhances relationships
🎵 741 Hz : helps to solve problems and express yourself, also a powerful cleanser
🎵 852 Hz : awakens, allows you to see the truth, develops intuition
🎵 963 Hz : reconnects you to oneness and light

Treatments: Geneline Therapy

Geneline is a new therapy providing simple techniques for finding subconscious strategies for survival developed by ancestors and passed down by the epigenomes that surround DNA. These subconscious strategies hold the key to strong resistance to change, hidden gain and self-sabotage. Trauma is also passed genetically and affects our feelings.

What does it do?
Using proven techniques of timeline, anchoring and relaxation we trace feelings through the lifeline back to childhood and even through the ancestors to find the benefits to the body/mind of holding on to certain strong feelings and beliefs.

What science is it based upon?
1. Research at the Institute of Peak States by Grant McFetridge He has found that by relieving genetic and biological developmental trauma, people achieve higher states of happiness and contentment.
2. Peter Levine, 'The Unspoken Voice' Peter Levine has found in his work that trauma affects the cells of the body. He has studied the treatment of trauma.
3. Paul MacLean, The Triune Brain system. The R-Complex, Limbic system and neo cortex may work together but more often one or more nerve centres is ignored causing conflict within the body. Paul MacLean studied the affects and workings of each brain centre.
4. The new science of epigenetics shows how human beings develop survival strategies that they pass on through the genes.
5. We also credit Simon Rose of Reference Point Therapy for some of the ideas that have led us in this direction.
6. Meta Medicine and pioneers like Richard Flook, Christian Fleche and Patrick Obissier have also influenced this therapy.

How does Geneline work?
Using a painful memory or future fearful scenario, you connect with feelings in the body, assess them on the suds scale (How strong are the feels where 0 means you can't feel them and 10 is overwhelming) and trace feelings to their root cause to release them. You can then re-assess on the suds scale to check the result. Other techniques find more stubborn coping or survival strategies to aid transformation. The new science of Epigenomes now gives us evidence that feelings are inherited. Epigenomes switch genes on or off to produce dominant feelings that guide our perceptions and behaviour. This is simply a process of evolution. The biology of the human being has to pass on vital feelings that are perceived to be the means of coping with challenging situations. We also deal with ancestral trauma. You are often unaware of these strategies and feelings because you have had them from birth. Geneline simply and easily finds and removes the survival strategies that are no longer helpful.
This therapy works excellently over the telephone or skype.

Treatments: Past Life Readings

David and Wendy have been delighting people with their past life readings at Mind Body Spirit Shows for many years, showing how the past lives link with the current life and healing any issues found. A common response is, 'you've answered all the questions I've always asked about my life!'

A reading may: explain repeated patterns in your life, show your focus or purpose in life, release any trauma that still affects you.
The reading may clarify current relationships with your: partner, ex partners, parents, brothers and sisters, work colleagues may have been enemies, betrayed each other, lovers, etc over many life times.
You may have contracts still with you from past lives such as: oaths of poverty or deafness taken when you where a monk, vows of servitude to your master (do you know that person now?) ...and if so, where they came from and why.
You may still carry past life traumas associated with: wealth: perhaps people stole from you, poverty: there's never enough, war: feelings of hopelessness going into battle and the feelings are still deep within you.
You might find previous deaths that are associated with current fears such as: past life drowning will contribute to a fear of water, previous death in a plane crash contributes to a fear of flying, death in a mine creating a fear of enclosed spaces.

Email Past Life Readings are £25. Please pay via Paypal and then email David ( to give further information if appropriate. Please allow a couple of days for this work to be completed.

To pay by Paypal please click here:

Treatments Payment

If you wish to pay for a treatment you can use this Paypal button to pay an agreed amount using a credit card or payal account.


We offer a range of workshops to provide personal and professional development. All our workshops are small enough to be comfortable, relaxed and fun. We make every effort to ensure that you understand and can apply what we teach.

Venue: Unless stated otherwise the venue is: Hypnos Healing. Nottinghamshire UK.

Times: Workshops start at 10am so please be half an hour early the first day to register and go through the preliminaries. We will finish at about 5pm each day.

Refreshments: Lunch, drinks and snacks will be provided but we ask each student, (where practical) to bring something for lunch to share with all.

Suggested accomodation:
Sherwood Cottage B&B. 01623 753548 / 07598 971950. 22, Church Street, Kirkby in Ashfield, Notts NG17 8LE.
Chapel Cottage B&B, is located just 5 minutes from Junction 27 of the M1 in the village of Annesley Woodhouse. 5 minutes from David and Wendy. Contact Paul on 07583 240735. 6, Skegby Road, Annesley Woodhouse, NG17 9JD. Use of lounge and kitchen. Self serve breakfast. Eating places nearby.
281 Restaurant & Rooms, 281 Nottingham Road, Mansfield, Nottingham, NG18 4SE UK Tel: +44 (0)1623 622 308, Ask for a room in the back away from wedding guest parties.

Workshop: Events

If your desired workshop is not listed please contact us and we will arrange a course ASAP. Please note that deposits are transferable but not refundable unless the workshop is cancelled.

Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 July 2021, 10am-5pm.
Past Life Therapist Workshop.
£175. Kirkby In Ashfield. Nottingham.   

Sunday 8 August 2021, 10am-5pm.
Reiki Level 2 Workshop.
Kirkby In Ashfield. Nottingham.   

Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 August 2021, 10am-5pm.
Geneline Therapy Workshop.
£190. Kirkby In Ashfield. Nottingham.   

Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 September 2021, 10am-5pm.
Reiki Master Workshop.
£450. Kirkby In Ashfield. Nottingham.   

Workshop: Advanced Hypnotherapist.

We offer workshops to support practising Hypnotherapists...

This is a certificated workshop recognised by the Past Life Therapists Association and by Howdens Insurance Company. A copy of the book, 'Past Life Influences' is included.

This new workshop is also open to those with an interest in Past Lives who want to come along, experience them and practice on others. However, for those that wish to be formally recognised as a Past Life Therapist by the Past Life Therapists Association and by Howdens Insurance Company, you will also need to be a qualified therapist and demonstrate the appropriate ability and knowledge before being awarded the diploma certificate, instead a certificate of attendance.

I've been fascinated by Past Lives since reading about Edgar Cayce and his past life readings many years ago. As well as discovering my own past lives, as a Hypnotherapist, I have regressed many people into their past lives. As an intuitive therapist, I have seen many lives for others enabling them to reach a rapid understanding of what led to this life experience. There are many insights about the current life and current difficulties to be gained from this exercise, often replacing the question, 'why me?' with a deep understanding.

We will be working with hypnotic regression, future life progression and/or with intuitive skills to uncover and release all the burdens from past lives that hold us back from personal and spiritual development.

This is an in depth look at Past Life Therapy and covers the following:
* Discussing what your clients can achieve from individual and multiple sessions, raising levels of awareness and consciousness.
* Helping clients to recognise repetitive patterns and can heal the aspects of their lives that they have been dealing with in this lifetime, and many lives before.
* The process of Past Life Regression - the Hypnotic techniques you will use to enable your clients to go back and safely visit and learn from their Past Lives. We have alternative techniques for those with psychic gifts.
* How to enable your clients to explore soul contracts and recognise souls in their Past Lives that are in their current life today.
* Explore oaths, vows, and emotional residue like guilt or shame from Past Lives that is still affecting them today.
* How to release spirit attachments, oaths and vows, contracts, cords and agreements that still have impact on their lives.
* How to recover soul fragments and energy lost through trauma.
* Future Life Progression shows how they have advanced by your therapy and encourages more sessions.
* Lots of practice and a copy of the book, 'Past Life Influences' included. CLICK HERE TO OPEN PastLifeInfluences.pdf.
* A Certificate of attendance is available for everyone on completion. A Certificate as Past Life Therapist will only be given on satisfactory demonstration of ability and knowledge.

This workshop encompasses all the approaches and techniques you will need to help clients to successfully quit smoking in one 2-3 hour session.
It incorporates a discussion on health issues, toxins in tobacco smoke, the pathway to illness and disease, NLP techniques, Aversion Therapy and Hypnotherapy with NLP.
This process has had a 100% success rate over the last 8 years.

Course content:
Past experiences and fears: We need to deal with fear of needles or injections and any other issues and concerns that the mother to be has.
Preparation for child birth: New mothers often have a limited understanding of the process of birth. Reassurance and comfort can be given in many ways.
Pain Relief: It is useful to offer a choice of pain relief techniques for practice before the birth.
Practice child birth: The client can practice child birth with safe guards in place in person and/or with a recording.
Preparation for the day of birth and after the birth.

Workshop: Reiki

Reiki and Seichem are systems of healing, originating in ancient times. The systems are simple to use and can only do good. They work on body, mind and spirit to enhance the body's natural ability to heal, giving a sense of peace and well-being to both client and practitioner.

Anyone can learn Reiki & Seichem. Practitioners develop personally and spiritually at a higher rate. Sometimes it enhances intuitive and psychic development. Both systems are learnt in stages 1 to 3 as attunements to the energy take more and more effect with practice. See below for more details on individual workshops.

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning 'Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy'. It was rediscovered in the 1800's by Dr Usui of Japan . Since then it has spread in popularity throughout the world. A Reiki healer learns how to channel this healing energy after being attuned to it by a Reiki Master. It is not a religion or a cult. There is no necessary belief system, although your beliefs may change when you experience it. The energy promotes healing, stress management and energy renewal. It also assists with personal and spiritual growth. Ki or chi is the life force energy we all need to live. We experience an exchange of this energy all the time. If someone is angry we may feel the tension. If someone smiles we smile and feel happier. Visiting a poorly person in hospital can make us feel drained. Martial artists focus this energy to increase their power in Aikido or Tai chi. Many ancient healing systems throughout the world work with this energy. Reiki supplements your own ki or life force energy to clear blockages and give your body greater power to heal on a mental, physical or emotional level.

Seichem is a wider more powerful energy system than Reiki. Said to be of Egyptian origin, it incorporates the following rays of healing; Reiki, which is the Earth ray, is experienced as heat or cold. It can benefit physical, mental and emotional conditions and it forms a base through which the other rays can work; Sophiel is water energy and it feels like a gentle pulsing coolness. It helps to heal deep emotional issues; Angeliclight, which is air and spirit, feels like a cool gentle breeze. It can facilitate mental healing and establishes a link with the Angelic realms; Sakara, is fire energy and is experienced as an effervescent tingling, or a mild electrical current. It works in the aura, helping to transform blockages.

Both Reiki and Seichem are taught in three levels. Workshops are small and friendly and have a natural flow. Learning should be fun and enjoyable as well as informative. The Egyptian Cartouche is also available. Please ask for details.

All courses include comprehensive manuals and Certificates. Reiki 1 includes a self-healing CD and meditation. Reiki and Seichem Master include CD's.

This workshop gives you the ability to channel Reiki for life.
It includes:
1. The history of Reiki, the principles and the theory.
2. How Tera-Mai Reiki came into being and the benefits of this system.
3. Practice healing and learn the hand positions for treatments and for self-healing.
4. How to heal animals and plants.
5. What to do with negative energies.
6. How to use Reiki for affirmations.
7. How to protect yourself.
8. Receive four attunements to Reiki and an attunement to St Germain.
9. How to conduct a treatment and when not to.

It includes:
1. Learn ancient symbols, which are the keys to distant, mental and emotional healing.
2. Learn the uses of retrieved symbols lost to traditional Reiki.
3. Practice these symbols and use them for healing.
4. Receive attunements to Reiki 2 and to St Germain.
5. Clear sins of the ancestors and resolved karma.
6. Learn new techniques for healing.
7. Start to connect with your intuition and guides.

This powerful workshop includes :
1.Introduction and Meditation
2. Learn Tibetan/Usui Reiki Master Symbols and their uses.
3. The Reiki Masters Crystal Grid
4. Contracting the Hui Yin/ Microcosmic Orbit
5. The Reiki Master Attunement
6. Reiki Master Meditation
7. Psychic Surgery
8. Violet Breath Attunement
9. TheTera-Mai Reiki Symbols
10.Discussion: Morals and ethics of a Reiki Master
11. The Attunement to YOD
12. Initiation into the order Of Melchizedek

It includes:
1. All the above.
2. Learn the Dragons Breath.
3. Learn all the attunements.
4. How to conduct workshops
5. How to run classes as a business.

It includes:
1. Attunements to the four elemental healing rays of earth, fire, water and air.
2. Attunements to the Violet Flame.
3. Attunements to YOD.
4. Learn how to conduct a mental healing/clearing.
5. Learn a technique for emotional healing.
6. Learn how to do psychic surgery, including the pain drain.
7. Clearing past life cords and injuries found.

It includes:
1. Attunements to the four elemental healing rays of earth, fire, water and air at higher levels.
2. Attunements to YOD, the first level of the Egyptian Cartouche.
3. Learn a variety of symbols for distant and mental, emotional healing.
4. Learn techniques and practice.
5. Mediations and past life exercise.

It includes:
1. Introductions and Meditation
2. Symbols Revision
3. Seichem Master's Attunement
4. Learn the Dragons Breath and Seichem Colours
5. Learn the Attunements for Seichem 1 and 2
6. The Egyptian Cartouche and Meditation
7. The Initiation into YOD
8. Violet Fame Initiation
9. Initiation into the Order of Melchizedik
10. Learn the Master symbols
11. Learn the Seichem Master Initiation
12. Learn the initiation into YOD
13. Learn the initiation into the Order of Melchizedik
14. Microcosmic Orbit Meditation

Workshop: Geneline Therapy

We teach you a therapeutic series of techniques that uses feelings to reach down into the roots of your unwanted emotions or behaviours to release them. Gently, easily and naturally.
There is no need to talk about what happened, so your secrets remain, the therapist doesn't need to know. After you have done it a couple of times it's really fast and effective.

Accredited by the The Complementary Medical Association and World Federation of Hypnotherapy; This is an emotional response therapy that brings a new depth of understanding to you and your client. We teach new techniques that will allow your client, with your guidance, to uncover and understand the roots of their issues for themselves. This approach is empowering for the client and uncomplicated and simple for you.

This is a diploma workshop for Hypnotherapists and other professional therapists to learn these tried and tested techniques based on new science. There are spiritual implications for your client that you may or may not wish to follow up.

This therapy is effective by telephone, skype or may be offered on the spot to cover the cost of marketing events. One day workshop, suitable for Hypnotherapists, Psychologists, Theta Healers, Counsellors, EFT practitioners and others who have some experience in working with the mind.

This is a practical workshop with PowerPoint display and a comprehensive manual.

We discuss and explore the role of genes and epigenomes in the development of the human being. This includes feelings, perspectives, beliefs, emotions and behaviour. We illustrate how this knowledge can benefit us in our work and how to resolve issues using this knowledge. The Triune Brain system has massive implications for therapeutic intervention and we show you effective ways to utilise this knowledge. Cellular research shows how the biology of the body and mind is affected by trauma and how it can be released.

In this diploma workshop we build on the framework of the previous information and techniques and we focus on dealing with deep issues that frequently hinder or prevent therapeutic intervention.
In a new light we investigate:
* The Early Years- tracing feelings back through the timeline may take us to childhood abuse, birth trauma, feelings in the womb, or even conception.
* The unmet needs of childhood will have a big impact on relationships and we study how this works.
* Traditional roles also cause problems in relationships even though clients are unaware of their impact.
* How territorial issues of the R-Complex may also affect relationships and issues of fear.
* The Unheard voice and unacknowledged story. How we may become addicted to the chemicals associated with drama.
* We check out future scenarios.
* Bringing in a spiritual connection.
We use and expand previous techniques.

Workshops: Intuitive Counselling

These diploma workshops are approved by the Complimentary Medical Association.
Would you like to develop your intuitive/psychic skills?
Would you like to use these skills to develop personally and spiritually?
Would you prefer to heal and help others rather than giving messages and telling fortunes?
Would you like to empower yourself and others to reach the full potential?
Would you like to be fearless?

If so, these diploma workshops are designed especially for you.

Reiki and many other forms of Healing have spread through the world over the last 2 decades. As you have been working with healing you have made a big difference to many people's lives. Intuitively you have probably felt their pain as some point, been able to pass on some message or perhaps had a knowing of what it was all about. Hopefully you were able to pass on this information to some extent to help the receiver move on in their life.

Now are you ready to do more? Are you ready for an amazing spiritual journey that will change your life forever?

With Intuitive Counselling Therapy, you can make a massive difference to body, mind and spirit. You can take a giant step forward to release trauma and pain, to let go of emotional upset. It doesn't matter whether what form of healing you have studied or where. In this system, you will be able to progress at your own rate to the level that you wish to achieve.

There are 4 levels in Intuitive Counselling Therapy; each level is a weekend workshop of 2 days with plenty of practice to learn new techniques and to work on yourself to make you a clearer channel. We encourage you to practice these techniques between workshops by swapping treatments with other students. This is essential in order to make good progress. A certificate of completion is awarded after each level. After the level 3 workshop and the satisfactory submission of three different types of case studies, a professional level certificate is awarded qualifying you to practice Intuitive Counselling Therapy.

This 2 day workshop includes an opening of your chakras as appropriate for your best and highest good.

Altered States of Mind: Learn how to move into altered states of mind naturally and easily. Increase your energy field and power at will. Use these states to increase your psychic gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and Claircognisance. Sense into another's body to find their issues and blocks. Communicate with Guides and Angels. Learn about protection and why you may need it. Start to work on your issues of vulnerability i.e. fears.

The Discovery of Self: Learn about your biology and spirit: the influences upon you. Learn how the different biological minds affect you and start to integrate them. Trace your fears to the root causes and release them. Learn how to muscle test yourself for subconscious fears, feelings and beliefs. Practice body scans and discuss what they really mean. Learn how the Body/Mind connection works.

The Higher Self Connection: Connect with your Higher Self and integrate more of your essence. Learn how to release genetic trauma that blocks your ability to be peaceful and powerful. Learn how to recognise and deal with your issues simply and effectively. Accept responsibility for your emotions and recognise their origins, enabling you to release them.

The Ho opono opono Effect: We are all One and this connection allows us to help others in need. Learn how to notice and release pain and sufferings in others. Practice this powerful method to increase your clairsentience and abilities.

This 2 day workshop includes an opening of your chakras as appropriate for your best and highest good. Also includes the activation of shadow chromosomes.

Intuitive Ways to Heal: Using different states of Being, witness changes as we heal each other. Learn about the Primary cell, which governs our being. Using the Primary cell change DNA, hormone and insulin levels and activate shadow DNA. What really is physical dis-ease? More permanent physical issues usually relate to our biology and genetics. Learn how to trace the root cause of illness and how to work with it to see the person transform before your eyes.

More strange stuff : Learn about the group consciousness of Angels, star seeds, witches etc. How mitochondria may affect you.

Hidden Gain: Learn why some people do not heal and what measures you can take if this applies. We discuss the major causes of illness, self-sabotage and the problem of feeling stuck. We demonstrate how to deal with these problems and give you practice.

Manifesting and Abundance: What holds you back? What are you trying to control? We discuss and learn how to go with the flow - the Tao. We clear feelings and vibrations, which prevent us from creating the world we want.

Working Professionally with others: This is a brief version of our business workshop with advice about legal requirements, marketing etc. It includes basic psychology and how to work with clients.

This 2 day workshop includes attunements to higher slip streams of energy and to Source.

Past Lives: Discover how to find your past lives and heal them. Release long held, guilt, sadness and other feelings. Remove contracts that bind you and vows of poverty and chastity that limit you still. Integrate more of your Soul and remove Soul fragments that belong to others.

Psychic Phenomena: Ancestral issues or past life contracts may connect you to certain psychic phenomena. As you open your psychic senses more you may attract entities or notice other strange beings that you never believed existed. This workshop deals with many of the beings you may or may not encounter. We teach you how to remove them easily and permanently.

The Inner Child: Everyone has an Inner Child. No matter how small and insignificant this part may seem it has great power over each an every one of us. It can make us happy or keep us in misery, preventing our progress and self-development. Learn how to communicate with the Inner child and resolve its issues.

Channelling: This module focuses on channelling and who or what you are really working with! There are a great many beings out there and as a reflection of the general population, not all of them are honest. We look at the different beings and aspects of their nature. We connect to the truth inside each and every one of us.

Soul Healing: We are eternal beings of love and Light but even as Souls we may have encountered trauma from the illusion of separation from the Oneness. Find and release this trauma to feel more bliss and peace than ever before.

This 2 day workshop has a prerequisite for the workshop is knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology.

We study the different systems of the body and their metaphysical meanings in more detail. Practice work brings all other techniques into use and introduces the latest findings and techniques. Learn about the autonomic nervous system that regulates path of dis-ease and what healing crisis is really all about.

To teach these Intuitive Counselling Therapy workshops, you need to attend in person and present your teaching and healing credentials. A teacher's workshop will be held and if satisfactory you will be certified as an Intuitive Counselling Therapy Teacher. Your details will be given on the website; PDF's of Manuals, Certificates and Power Point demonstrations will be included as well as a Teacher Certificate.


We hope that you find this helpful.

If you are constantly criticising yourself or using negative self talk, you could be repeating things people have said to you as a child. You have learned that you are useless, hopeless etc. Words and thoughts have power and direct you can feelings and actions. The actions can be self sabotaging like over eating, gambling, smoking, procrastinating because, 'I am not worth it' or 'what's the point as I'll never succeed?'. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, CBT, aims to recognise the thoughts that precede actions to make you more self aware and show you that you have choices how to think. Many people use affirmations to persuade themselves of their worth and abilities. You could write yourself affirmations or 'love' notes in places that you see every day.

It will work for some people but not everyone. You have a conscious mind that plans or discusses and you are aware of it. You also have a hidden part; a subconscious mind that is more concerned with your survival than keeping to your plans or making you happy. The subconscious mind is not some airy fairy concept but an actual part of your body and mind.

The brain consists of many parts but to make it simple, we will say there are 3 major parts that I want to talk about: the conscious thinking mind, the mammal mind or limbic system and the R-Complex.
Imagine a reptile or fish. They have brain to process information so they can seek food, procreate and hide from danger. It helps them to survive and continue their genes. This is the R-Complex. We have the same brain still. It is connected to a massive neural network in the lower stomach, the gut. Gut feelings tell us when we are unsafe although if we have suffered some sort of trauma we can shut any feelings down.
Now imagine a mammal. They are warm blooded and survive better because they are born into a family, where they should be safe. They have social links with family and friends, their tribe that should also make them feel safe. This is the limbic system and connects with a massive neural network in the chest over the heart chakra. Feelings here tell us when we are unsafe because those who should care for us don't; or someone dislikes us; or we don't fit in.
Now think about us and our cousins, the primates. The conscious mind is sometimes called the monkey mind. It thinks it is the boss and in charge of the body but strong subconscious feelings can easily throw it off balance.
So your subconscious mind is everywhere in your head and body.

We are physical beings with biology developed over many thousands of years but we also have a life force energy that goes somewhere when we die. The laws of physics teach us that energy transforms- it does not die. The laws of the Universe tell us that when we die, we take our memories and spirit into another dimension or place where we exist without form.
If we are given the opportunity, we may reincarnate into human form as a baby in the womb. In this way we can continue to learn over many lifetimes. When we have done past life regression or past life readings for people, we have found that the personality continues into new lives. Although you may now be rich instead of poor, loved instead of loathed, male instead of female, you have to learn to cope in a new situation for new insights and learning.
Spirit is everlasting but may transcend to different levels. You may have guides that were with you in past lives. There are Angels and Archangels. There are Ascended Masters who once lived on Earth and became highly developed.

You are not here to be punished for some wrong doing or to work tirelessly and selflessly. You are here to learn and grow and to overcome your limitations. Your life path is whatever gives you pleasure and makes you feel fulfilled. Karma may be cause and effect but it is not a sentence.

Ask yourself, what is the worst that could happen? When you decide, then ask what is the worst thing about that? Continue until you can go no further. You will probably find patterns in your life where you have avoided what you most fear. For example, maybe you avoid confrontation for fear of reprisals or being rejected. The subconscious is 80% of the mind. What you fear could be what you were taught to fear in childhood; what you learned to fear, eg by being beaten; it could be a remnant from past lives or it could be a genetic program trying to keep you safe.
Put your hands on your gut and think about the things you fear most. You will likely have a sensation there or maybe in your heart centre.

One of the laws of the Universe is the law of attraction. We all vibrate at particular frequencies. When you are with someone poorly or negative, you align with them and feel low. When you receive healing like Reiki, you align to a higher energy and feel better. Our own vibration comes from our genetics, our past lives, our development in the womb and continues into childhood and adult life. You often find you are attracting the same sort of people and the same sort of event until you have some sort of realisation and change.
You will form relationships with people who fit you and your vibration. Change yourself and the relationship will have to end or change.

Your body is amazing! It is renewing itself and healing itself all the time. All it needs is looking after with care and attention and good quality food. Most people know how to look after their physical body but can't be bothered. The food you eat, exercise, the care you give yourself all affect your mental and emotional well being. Maybe you are self sabotaging by comfort eating to fill a hole inside you that doesn't need food but love? Maybe your ancestors survived a famine by eating anything available? Perhaps you were abused in some way and being bigger makes you feel stronger?

Some people believe that Past Life Therapy is now becoming an essential step in the spiritual advancement of humanity. Past Life Therapy can rapidly bring about beneficial change, amaze and astonish you. Past Life Therapy may be Past Life Regression or Past Life Readings but it always includes a discussion and healing of the past life.

Some people are just fascinated to know who and what they were in Past Lives but until they actually have a Past Life Regression or a Past Life Reading, they are unaware how strong or uncomfortable feelings can continue through many lifetimes until resolved.

We are qualified Hypnotherapists with the World Federation of Hypnotherapists, Wendy has also trained to do Past Life regression with Ursula Markham. Wendy is also a member of the Past Life Therapists Association. A book about Edgar Cayce, the famous psychic who gave thousands of Past Life Readings, opened our eyes to Past Lives and made us realise how a past life in Rome affected Wendy as a child. She always had recurring dreams of being chased by lions and tigers or of coming home from school to find the porch was now a massive gateway to an arena that she was terrified to approach. She was too young to understand what this represented. She didn't know about Roman arenas and Christians being fed to the lions.

There is the conventional method of Past Life Therapy called Past Life Regression, where you are taken into a past life by hypnosis to visualise or experience it in some way. With the light of new information, you can bring about changes in your outlook and with my abilities and knowledge, we can heal significant past life events. Wendy has been practising Past Life Regression since 1996.

Then there is the exciting and rapid method of Past Life Therapy. We developed the ability for this in 2007. This involves a psychic Past Life Reading. We access information and "see" a past life relevant to your current life issues. We use a form of muscle testing like kinesiology to check the facts with your subconscious mind. The purpose is to heal traumatic or uncomfortable feelings that still affect you today.

Regression treatments must be in person, past life readings can be delivered by email. You can book by email or by telephone and pay by paypal if you choose to do so. If you choose to have a past life regression rather than a past life reading and are stressed at work or in your relationships or have some other ongoing psychological problem, it is recommended to have a separate treatment session to clear your issues first. Severe mental or emotional stress may affect your ability to deeply relax enough to access past life memories. The cause of severe stress is often found to be childhood and genetic trauma. Genetic issues and trauma from Past Life events usually coincide.

During a Past Life Regression we take over an hour to access one or more past lives. At the end of it we heal the past lives found. The session lasts about an hour and a half. In past life readings you may want to tell me what issues you are facing in your life, be it fears, lack of confidence or difficult relationships. Then we search for the relevant past lives and heal them. One lady said, "What you told me about my past lives answered all the questions I have been asking for the last 30 years".

Where our subconscious feelings and expectations are at odds with our conscious beliefs, we are in conflict with ourselves. Sometimes this results in physical illness, sometimes in neuroses, always self sabotage. These signs serve us to show that there is a deeper problem. Dulling the symptoms with drugs simply delays the resolution of the problem. Even when this behaviour can be traced from childhood experiences it is common for people to be annoyed with themselves, squashing their feelings as they do not understand how the subconscious mind functions. Some people have found their emotional issues instantly resolved simply by a greater understanding of themselves; accepting for the self, love and compassion, previously denied. Others need to rid themselves of traumatic feelings and build self confidence and self assurance.

Past Life regression may reveal a life with different experiences and lessons, which have never been fully understood and which may still hold an emotional charge or trauma. There are various ways to release those emotions so that you can move on. Emotions of guilt, fear, poverty, worthlessness can make you miserable and very likely they may not even be deserved. From every experience we have, we draw conclusions about the world or our situation. This is then our belief. However, why did we attract that experience? What is so different about us to bring that into our lives? According to the Laws of Attraction, we attract the vibration that we give out. For example we feel unworthy so we attract events to prove it. The subconscious loves to be proven correct and could be saying, "I told you I wasn"t worthy and now look what's happened!"

Imagine a baby developing in the mother's womb. There is no thinking brain but the baby does have a consciousness, an awareness or feelings. It is aware of and influenced by the feelings of the mother but it also has feelings inherited through the ancestors via the genes and when the Soul comes in, it has the feelings from significant past lives too.

It is those feelings that affect its perceptions as soon as it is born. The perceptions, (in other words: the way we see the world; the way we accept information), is what creates our belief system. For example, "The world is dangerous"; "Life is a struggle"; "No one supports me": You may know that one or maybe both of your parents felt the same way. This feeling is not just learned but genetic. The feeling is likely to also come from a parallel pathway of your past lives.

The body has an innate intelligence, which enables us to use a method of muscle testing to check the memories and information held in the subconscious mind. We can also ascertain beliefs and confirm when they have been changed. We may use Theta Healing or Reference Point Therapy. Hypnotherapy is an alternative way to create changes to your subconscious.

When we have found out about the past life which is relevant to you at this time, we can study the effects on you and change them if this is what you want. A client with a solitary lifestyle, had lived several lifetimes in isolation from his family and friends; another client, who felt that he was an embarrassment to his father had at least two lifetimes with the same entity (person) in different roles but still feeling an embarrassment to him.

Healing is also performed for you during regression. Where appropriate for each past life we:
* released unresolved traumas experienced.
* integrated the knowledge and wisdom from the life.
* cleared curses, terminated oaths and vows.
* released any karmic relationships found.
* cleared obligations to test unconditional love.
* retrieved lost soul fragments and released soul fragments of others.

In the first part of the 20th century, although Hypnosis gained credibility, Past Life regression was not so popular. It was only when Morey Bernstein was working with Virginia Tighe that a breakthrough was made. She accidentally went into a past life during a session of Hypnotherapy. In the past life that she accessed, she was Bridey Murphy, living in Cork in 1798. During Hypnosis her voice changed and she gave many details about her life, which were later confirmed. She was so curious about this past life that she did a lot of research to find out the truth. It lead her to write the book, 'The Search for Bridey Murphy'.

Arnall Bloxham, a Hypnotherapist living in Cardiff had a great interest in Reincarnation and from the mid 50's for the next 20 years he conducted and taped many sessions. These are available as 'The Bloxham Tapes'. Amongst his cases were Ann Ochenden, who accessed seven previous lives. Jane Evans experienced six previous lives, one of them as a young Jewess living in York at the time of the massacre of Jews in 1190. Professor Barrie Dobson, an expert on the York massacres confirmed that the details she gave were accurate.

Edgar Cayce is another famous psychic and healer who recorded many cases of Past Lives. He would look at patients past Lives before prescribing any cure. Several books are available.

Dr Ian Stevenson, a professor of Psychiatry and Parapsychology at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville conducted research and an academic study of Reincarnation and Past Life Regression. He collected cases from all over the world. One fascinating case was that of Imad Elawa, a young Lebanese boy born in 1958. Nine years earlier he had died as Ibrahim Bovhanzy in a village 30 miles away. From the age of two, Imad had described the past Life and the village where he had lived, even his wife. When he and his family visited the other village it was found that all the details given were correct.

Joanne Maciver had various lives. One of them was as Susan Ganier, living on a farm in Canada. She described places and names that existed although they were no longer on maps or most records.

Edward Ryall who was born in 1902 in England saw Halley's comet when he was years old. This was the second time he had seen it as in 1682, he showed it to his own son.

When I take you into a past life regression, it is recorded so that you can listen again and study what you have said. We will get as much information as possible so that you can research the past life if you choose.

I have listened to some fascinating past life stories and I am not at liberty to reveal all the details. In brief here are some of the most interesting:

A Native American boy chosen by the Medicine Man to be his apprentice, gave details of his daily life, living separate from his family and learning about herbs, fasting and journeying. As an adult his whole tribe was massacred by the cavalry.

A Chinese lady was transported in a palanquin miles away from her comfortable home to live in a harem with her new old and wealthy husband. They were also massacred by a rival of the husbands.

A soldier, prisoner of war, starving in the jungle in Burma, described what he ate, how he hated the Japanese guards and how the only thing that kept him going was the thought of his sweetheart back home.

A bronze age man, living a lonely life was killed with a spear.

A serving wench in an alehouse told how she lived.

A high born woman in the middle ages was mentally ill through syphilis. She was thrown in a dungeon and her baby killed.

An Egyptian stone worker was thrown in prison awaiting punishment for wrongdoing. He was not sure what he had done but felt it concerned his wife.

My interest was roused years ago by reading a book of Edgar Cayce, where he detailed many Past Lives. There was one story of a woman, who had always had a difficult relationship with two other relevant people in her life. Edgar Cayce found out that she was an influential lady in Roman times who fell in love with a soldier. This solder did not return her love and favoured her housemaid instead. The Lady's revenge was to have the housemaid fed to the lions, whilst the soldier watched by her side.

This reminded me of my childhood and the nightmares I used to have when I was very small. There were two recurring nightmares. In one, I was returning home from school and I would suddenly be afraid to go any further. Then the front porch changed before my eyes into a giant portico, which unbeknown to me in those days, was like the entrance to an arena. The other dream was that wild animals were chasing me and I had to climb higher and higher to get away from them until I reached the ceiling of the bedroom. All this has lead me to believe that perhaps I was fed to the Lions.

Although well accepted and understood by Eastern civilisations, the subject of reincarnation is often greeted with scepticism in the West.

One argument set out for it goes as follows; If you believe in some sort of God/ Supreme Being then you are also likely to believe that this Being, the Supreme source of all life is the creative source of love. If then we are all children of the God of love, why is there such disparity in the living conditions of the different races of humanity? They may worship God under different names but surely this cannot be the answer. There is only one Creator, known by many names with many paths to "him". Millions of people suffer deprivation and hardship or have a brief and miserable existence. Others have long and happy lives, why the disparity? Is it just chance or luck?

If you believe in chance or luck, then there is no incentive to live a good life, helping others and doing what you think is right. If you believe that what you do today affects your life here and now and future lives on this earth, then you will take care not to create a future of guilt and regrets.

The bible refers to the concept of "an eye for an eye", perhaps a reference to karma or the Law of Cause and Effect. Physics teaches us that everything has an action and reaction. Think of a pebble thrown into a lake. The ripples reach even the farthest shore. Everything we say or do has some effect somewhere in the world because we are all beings of energy and vibration. Some people chose to ignore this perhaps because they do not wish to accept the consequences of their actions. Many people blame others instead of accepting reasonability for their thoughts and actions.

Many references to reincarnation were stripped from the bible following a conference by the Bishops at the Council of Nicea in AD600. The Council was called by Emperor Constantine of Rome to decide on religious teachings which would unite the various tribes which constituted the Roman Empire. Catholic means "universal". Until that time references to reincarnation had formed a major part of the teachings of Jesus Christ. Some references still remain e.g. Matthew11.v13 and v14.

The Lord Buddha stated that karma follows man as surely as a cart follows an oxen. We create karma on a daily basis by our actions, thoughts and deeds so it is important to review our lives every day and if this review reveals that we have sent out negative or destructive thoughts towards another then we have the opportunity to send them love and light to repair the damage. If we do not then it is recorded in the Akashic Record (Book of Life).

Where karma is accumulated over a number of lifetimes, the individual may have many hardships to bear. Where this is cheerfully born, the karma is being resolved. If the individual takes this badly with resentment and anger (of course not knowing the origins), then this only serves to exacerbate future suffering.

I took one client back into several Past Lives where one wrongdoing seemed to lead to punishment in the next two lives manifested as ill health and blindness. The next life was short but sweet and the current life although troubled by food allergies is happy and spiritual. My experience shows that it is the feelings of guilt, for example, that is carried over from one life to the next. Current scientific research shows that feelings can affect physical health.

I personally believe that we also decide to come back to experience different states of being, poor or rich, healthy or ill, European, Asian, man or woman. All these experiences enrich the soul of the individual and help them to grow.

The following is a story told by a friend of mine:

There was a soul whose time had come to take human birth and so it went to the great cavern where all such souls went. In the cavern were hundreds of thousands of souls, each manifesting a small blue flame. When its turn came, the soul came forward and said,

"My time has come to take human incarnation, for I have work to do and many lessons to learn. In my life as a human, I shall need family and loving friends to help me, to love me and to nurture me. Who will be my family on Earth?"

A ripple flickered across the thousands of flames and shortly a few came forward and said, "We do not know you, we have not met before and we are strangers but being kind and giving love is a pleasant task. We will be your friends and family on Earth."

The souls spoke out again and said,

"And on earth I shall need teachers, people to guide me, to correct me and discipline me. Who will be my teachers?" Again a ripple went around the assembled flames and a group came forward and said,

"We have known you in other lives and we have grown to respect you and like you. We will take on the task of being your teachers in life."

A third time the soul spoke out and said,

"On Earth if I am to learn the greatest lesson of all, the lesson of humility, tolerance under provocation and to love those who hate me, I shall need people to hate me and do violence to me. Who will do this for me?"

There was a long pause in the cavern until at last a small group came forward and said,

"We are your soul group, we have known you over aeons of time and your growth and learning are as dear to us as our own. This is the most delicate and difficult task and if you are to be hurt and abused, it would be better done by loving friends. We will be your enemies on Earth."

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Wendy Lowe

I started as a Reiki Master during 1996. Since then I have focused on what people need in order to heal and this has led me down many paths. I became a Seichem Master in 2000 and have taught it since then. I trained as a Consultant Hypnotherapist with the World Federation of Hypnotherapists, gaining a professional Diploma with Honours. I use the latest techniques: NLP, EFT, Rapid Cognitive Therapy, Theta Healing, Geneline Therapy as well as conventional Hypnotherapy. I am a member of the World Federation of Hypnotherapists, the British Association of Therapeutical Hypnotherapists. Members of these associations are bound by strict ethical codes and by a disciplinary council. I have also achieved a Diploma in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT) (2013).

I trained as a certified advanced Theta healing practitioner and as a teacher to teach levels 1 & 2. I also completed an Intuitive Anatomy Course in India. I trained in Reference Point Therapy and later developed Geneline Therapy with David to encompass our research and experience with clients. I am a dedicated professional who will help you to resolve your problems to recover your balance and happiness.

David Lowe

Welcome - my name is David Lowe and I am a consultant hypnotherapist and a professional hypnotherapist trainer with the World Federation Of Hypnotherapists. I have been treating clients since 2008.

As a fully qualified therapist I work with my wife Wendy at our therapy practice in Kirkby in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire. I am a accredited member of the World Federation of Hypnotherapists.

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